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Apple Explains Exactly How Secure iMessage Really Is

Apple needed a crypto-security win after the SSL fiasco. It’s good to see that, at least in theory, this approach to securing iMessage is smart and honestly secure.


#MILTShow 022 http://ow.ly/lNpVn wherein

#MILTShow 022 http://ow.ly/lNpVn wherein @abbybischoff meets “Wee Britain”, @awayken has an party, and @brycerausch gets fired on Vine.


#MILTShow 021 http://ow.ly/hGmb1 wherein

#MILTShow 021 http://ow.ly/hGmb1 wherein the gang gets back together, a new format is introduced, and also Arrested Development whatever.


#MILTShow 101 http://ow.ly/dv8dm wherein

#MILTShow 101 http://ow.ly/dv8dm wherein @dan_rausch returns, and we all learn a hip new catchphrase. Cameo by Ian Rausch.


#MILTShow 019 http://ow.ly/cvqgr wherein

#MILTShow 019 http://ow.ly/cvqgr wherein @tpatch gets a real nickname, and @brycerausch / @awayken do an awesome Ira Glass impression.


#MILTShow 018 http://ow.ly/c1xTi wherein

#MILTShow 018 http://ow.ly/c1xTi wherein @radenska lies about his mom, @brycerausch calls out his wife, and pets are remembered.